Ingredients of True Brilliance

According to the official website of the product, True Brilliance contains the following ingredients in its formulation: Peppermint Oil, Kosher Glycerin and Carbomer. Peppermint oil can be found in different products, including topical creams, flavoring in beverages and foods, and dietary supplements. In the case of True Brilliance, it is mainly used as a flavoring agent. Glycerin is an odorless and colorless liquid that can be found in thousands of different foods, cosmetics, and more. It is believed to be beneficial for the skin, since it helps to trap moisture inside it and acts as an emollient. Carbomers are synthetic polymers that perform the function of thickening agents in the product. Taking all of this together, I doubt whether any of these ingredients can be possibly effective for delivering whiter teeth within just sixty seconds. If True Brilliance does not contain any other ingredients, it seems completely useless.

At the bottom of the manufacturer's website, there are two pieces of evidence to back up their claims. There is an ADA statement of efficacy for the products of the kind; however, it is nothing more than a general statement. It doesn't specify the effectiveness of True Brilliance. In March 2011, there was a study conducted by Essex Testing Clinic, Inc. based out of Verona, NJ. It concluded in 18% improvement in teeth color after using the gel. The study is referred to the product known as "Teeth Whitening Gel Formula". True Brilliance is not mentioned again. HighYa team has revealed that the most popular online whitening systems use 22% carbamide peroxide. However, the product we are discussing today does not contain this ingredient. Let us take a look at possible side effects and adverse reactions associated with this teeth whitening pen.

Where To Buy True Brilliance?

The True Brilliance pen can be ordered on the official website via a free trial order. At first, you will be asked to pay only $3.95 shipping but 14 days later you will be charged the full price of $119.38! After that, you will be sent a new pen and charged $119.38 each time on a monthly basis. Some customers report that their credit cards were charged even before 14 days expired. To cancel your trial, you can contact customer service at (866) 622-5629 or However, you are not guaranteed to get your money back.

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